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Paradox of People Engagement


The beauty of working in advertising is that the world is your subject. Everything and anything we see, read and observe can end up becoming an ‘asset’, something we can apply to our work. Recently, I happened to come across an interesting proposition which helped shed new light on old questions that I am eager to share with you. You might have heard of the Wallace Paradox of man and nature. It states in simple terms that a man who loves the nature, disturbs it to a level of extinction by his intelligence, morals and physical presence. In other words, he meant that we have the tendency to overdo things and eventually cause its demise. It struck me about how relevant this proposition has become today. If you look deeper into that section ... Read More
mobile using with driving (2)


Die nahostkriegemit der un-resolution 181/ii von 1947 hatten die vereinten nationen mehrheitlich beschlossen, auf dem BachelorSchreibenLassen gebiet palästinas, d.Mobiles are good and bad. Good because it makes our life so easier, bad because our etiquettes are flying out of the window. Etiquettes are part of our civilized world, and if you think ‘what’s the big deal about bad mobile etiquettes’ and it can easily be condoned, then you are likely to be marked as someone who has no moral rectitude. Ever since mobile usage began to grow, so did the etiquettes that came along with it. The reason why mobile etiquette matters so much is the fact that it reflects the personality and behavior of the user. We would have ... Read More